Our Trip To Sanity

Sade and I ended up going to the Rally to Restore Sanity/Rally to Keep Fear Alive this weekend.    We woke up at the crack of ass, headed to Citi Field to grab one of the 200 free busses proveded by the Huffington Post (Thanks Arianna!!).

We arrived in DC and knew it was going to be huge by the number of people riding the metro (fun fact: Saturday was the busiest Saturday the metro has ever recorded).

We didn’t get to walk around too much, it was packed so tightly that it took us about a half an hour just to walk a few feet.  Thankfully everyone was very friendly (sane) and in good spirits.

We were so far back that we could barely hear Stewart and Colbert but that didn’t seem to matter as much as the fact that we were taking part in something.

Will the fact that so many people arrived to support a calmer and more thoughtful exchange of ideas actually change anything?

Probably not….but we can hope.




I’m so jealous! Wish I coulda been there!

I am very pleased to know that someone like you attended the ‘Sanity’ rally, to counter the ‘Insanty’, rally of Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin. At least at your rally, you had real comedians sponsoring the gathering. Not the so called ‘jokes’ of Fox News’