No More….


Photo 128.jpg

Wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

I’m gonna go slip into a food coma.



I was just going to go make a sandwich. Somehow, it’s not really Thanksgiving unless you digest a little bit, and then fill up again with a sandwich.

Mmmm, I can’t stop staring at your throat.

That’s why I call it National Gluttony Day…

That’s quite the yummy thanksgiving picture. You look like this “climb aboard” Thanksgiving dessert…And it wasn’t even my Thanksgiving! But…Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
You look good enough to eat 😉

Must agree, pretty hot picture – even for a glutton. But oh you’re a glutton in so many other ways, too…

Ya know Axe it probably wasn’t your intention to be sexy in that pic, but damn if you didn’t manage it.
Would it be too demented to say, “Lucky turkey”? lol