Leather Pants Vote: The Photos (Updated)

Ok fine. As embarrassing as it is (and since I have an event to go to in a couple of days) I’ve decided to post a few photos.

Please be honest. Should I keep them or put them in storage?

If public opinion is negative, I’ll just build a time machine and go back to the 80’s and join a hair-band.




Eesh..I’m second guessing this.

Update:Ok, thank you for all the kind words and compliments. I’m a bit embarrassed.

To clarify, I always wear a semi-tight black T-shirt just because I don’t really have anything else I can imagine that goes well with it. (I’m a fashion moron).

So I won’t throw them away. Promise.


OMG, hot! I am jealous of your new girlfriend.

Wow..four votes so fast? Woohoo!

Seriously though, please don’t spare my feelings if you think they’re bad.

I thought we were going to get a rear view. Oh well.

Keep them, but only wear in appropriate milieu.

Psh, I didn’t need to see a picture to know you’d look hot in them!

Yes- keep and wear!

Please please keep them. Wait a second,did I just beg πŸ˜‰

Keep. Wear. Visit Boston while wearing. πŸ™‚

By the way, the reasons they work, I think, are the jeans-like styling, and the fact that they fit you well in the rise (i.e. the crotch isn’t halfway down your thighs).

Also, if I can give you a little advice, for this event, choose the top with care–some shirts just don’t work with leather.

I second Sophiste you should visit Boston in them.

I think I’m going to have the one in the chair blown up into a poster.

I normally just wear a black or dark grey T-shirt with them.

Is that good?

I’ve always wanted to visit Boston:)

Keep ’em. It’s a fine look. Reminds me to get a pair of mine fixed (problem with the fly…) Wear ’em with a good quality, snug t-shirt that isn’t too long.

So what’s the event in question?

Well Puddin’,
What more proof do you need. They are hot!

You keep those pants. Good god, keep those pants.

Ok. Have to comment again. Those pants are fucking hot.

Also, my roommate says to keep them too.

Just to join the chorus…


The world needs more men who look hot in leather pants.

I have never commented on this blog before.
don’t comment much as a general rule.

But I’m delurking to say, keep the pants!

very very hot. definitely keep…

Yum! Definitely keepers πŸ™‚

xx Dee

I also have to delurk to say you look really hot in those pants. A dark T-shirt would work well, especially a T-shirt that’s not too long or too loose…

Yeah, I sorta think you were made for those.
Or they were made for you.
Either or.

Yeah. I keep coming back to look at these photos. Me Likey.

Keep them. Wear them with a fitted black t-shirt or a nice dark colored button down, but for the love of God keep them.

I’ve already said to keep them before seeing the photos, but now I’m even more convinced! Very nice indeed. I’d go for something close-fitting on the top, but that’s just my personal preference :).

Thanks for posting the pics. No second-guessing required.

The pants, you must keep them.

Hehe, I guess you have your answer now, eh?

Oh, those are definitely the good kind of leather pants.

nice, do you have to wear anything with? I’m liking this barefoot look

i was worried about these “leather pants” until i saw them with my own eyes. and everyone above is right. you should keep them and keep wearing them with your black or grey shirts. and, i daresay, they aren’t for fetish events only–you could wear these out at night just to a bar or concert if you felt comfortable, although i guess you aren’t at that point yet since 2 days ago you were about to throw them away.

The pants look great on you. They really fit. And don’t ruin them by putting stuff in the pockets.

I’m starting to think I should get a pair. Really.


Out of all of your entries, this one seems to be one of those that attract the most attention. That says it all doesn’t it? More men should get leather trousers. In fact, let’s make that part of the daily uniform. Add to that a nice black shirt with the top button unbuttoned and I am in seventh heaven!

So yes, I guess I am joining the choir on this one. They do look great on you, and you should definately keep them!

I couldn’t do them justice in the way you can. Wear they with confidence and pride!


Told you so. πŸ™‚

Yumm and yum again, oh hell keep them and wear a chest harness if you want to convey sub, but trust me this would turn me on..really I am now thinking of kidnapping you and hiding you in my dungeon..fanstasy I know but.. sigh.

Keep them.

Why the hell in NY so freakin far away!!

Dude. I had a dream about those pants. Get your pants out of my head!

Keep them, but only if you take a few pictures of your butt in the pants and send them to me.


Not that I would ever harbor lecherous thoughts towards cute little submissive men. Muahahaha.

oh my. I stumbled onto your blog recently, and was trolling through the archives and:


thank you.

Late to the party but glad to know you decided to keep them. The second picture is amazing.