I’m A Geek

Yes, I’ll admit I’m a big geek.

I’m one of those annoying gadget guys.

I have an Iphone, Ipod, Macbook, PC (only because I have to), a vast wireless network, I blog and I twitter.

if Apple releases a new product, I have a huge compulsion to buy it.

Now I have a newer gadget to my geekdom.



It’s the Canon SD950. It’s soooo pretty. It’s like a Mac..but…it’s not.

I love getting new toys. I’ve been taking photos of everything under the sun.

Including me:



You and I wore the same shoes today.

Ahh new toys!!! I’m a gadget girl myself.

Nice picture, you must post more!!

That’s a neat photo – lovely to see an image of you. Any chance we’ll get to see more?

xx Dee

Thanks for the compliment on the shoes. You’d be surprised at how many women find them a turnoff hehe.

More photos of myself? I don’t know about that.

Perhaps with the proper motivation……