Hey Sade

Hey Sade,

So I know you’re sitting there waiting for someone to arrive for your meeting and you’ve been waiting for a while now, over an hour and he still hasn’t arrived.  What an asshat. Remind me to put some voodoo spell on him.

You just texted me mentioning how bored you are, it’s been over an hour  and you’ve got nothing to do while you wait.  Well…here…I’ll give you something to read.

I’m really fucking excited we’re in 2014.  I mean think about everything we can expect this year.

1: We’re getting married!!! 

Now don’t think about how it’ll cost us a ton to get married and then if we’re lucky we’ll be able to have enough left over for a honeymoon. (Wait, did I just do a “Don’t think of an elephant” thing?).  Please don’t think about money, just think about how we’ll be married and how awesome it will be.   Sure our living situation won’t change but we’ll finally get to file a joint tax return.  Woohooo!  Plus I’ll be able to add “Wife” to the list of things you are to me.  Best friend, owner, and now wife!

2: We’ll most likely get to go on an awesome honeymoon in Europe!

Look times are tight right now but our honeymoon fund grows a bit more every month, we have 6 more months to make it and I think we can do it. I’ve got a few more websites I’ll be building for some new clients in the coming months, fingers crossed I’ll get a couple more and we’ll hit our goal.    Just think, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Paris, London, Rome.  While I’d love to go to Normandy, if our honeymoon fund isn’t enough we can always go another time.  I mean, it’s not like Normandy is going anywhere.   Plus if we make it we can go to a ton of kink clubs where nobody will know us and we can play anonymously.  Think of all the crazy shit we can do at those Euro kink parties we can’t do in the states!

3: I’m working out more often!

I bought an app called “Six Pack Abs”.  I won’t tell you what it does, I’ll keep it a surprise but I think you’ll be pretty happy with the result. It should kick in any moment now.

4: Did I mention we’re getting married?

Fuck yeah we are!  I haven’t been this excited to wear a new piece of jewelry since you collared me!

5: I’m learning more nerd stuff every day.

Yeah I know this sounds like a bad thing because it means I’ll be boring you with that cool new CSS trick I learned or some php code that will “blow your mind” but never does, but shit it’s expanding my skill set and that means I’ll be able to pick up even more freelance work. Weeeee!  #buildingourfuture

Well that’s just a small start. 2014 is going to be the best year of our lives together so far (and that’s saying something).

I’m going to go clean out the fridge now.

Love you!  Hope the dude shows up for your meeting soon!


That is utterly adorable!

Also I agree: asshat!


Haven’t clicked over to your blog in a few years- and so am so happy to see this awesome news that you are engaged! I remember reading lots of wacky dating stories circa ’09? Kudos and congratulations! A love story that should give hope and inspiration to many.

You should take a trip to Oslo. Okay, I admit it isn’t the ideal city for tourists, but it has it’s charm. It also has a nice, small BDSM club to go to!
Btw, and this comes REALLY late, but you remember that project interview I had with you and Sade? A long time ago now? Just thought you wanted to know I got a B+ on that, so that felt awesome. Thank you!