“This is called pense-t-il aux raisins? which translates to “is he thinking about the grapes?” Femdom from 1747. :)”

I’m not an art critic, but here are my reasons why it’s possibly not Found Femdom.

-She’s serving him (or is she controlling his food intake?).
-He’s…..maybe 7 years old?
-There’s a sheep in the image. Femdom and sheep rarely mix.

I could be wrong. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. When it comes to art, I always trust Meg’s opinion before my own.



“Femdom and sheep rarely mix.” Those are the sorts of nuggets of wisdom that keep a reader coming back 😉

What do you mean Femdom and sheep rarely mix? The vast majority of submissive men and dominant women are sheep. I think femdom and sheep go together like America and Apple Pie, only with more bestiality and less Hollywood-inspired masturbation.

Just because she’s feeding him doesn’t mean she’s serving him (or, for that matter, controlling his food intake.) I think feeding a boy could be very sexy, for me, if done right.

It’s not the stuff that would get me hot under the collar, or anywhere else, really, but I vote for Found Femdom. The title and the fact that he looks like her pet are what do it for me. Well spotted by Meg.

Oh, and also, she looks totally smug. Really very self-satisfied. Heh.

Gotta agree with you that the sheep–perhaps surprisingly–takes away from the kink factor.

MayMay… you’re in Oz. Where there more sheep (jokes) than people [example: where the men are men, and the sheep are scared… or was that NZ?] Dont confuse things… (and do read Frank Moorhouse, ‘the drovers wife’, for sheep, and the rest of his ouvre for urbane 1970s bisexual Australian literature…)

Well, it’s a Romantic countrified idyll so the sheep is giving it a whole “oh, look at me, I’m just an innocent shepherdess thing” (Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out). If you look at the eye contact I’d say that the question in the title is really – “is he thinking about the grapes, or is he thinking about me?” She’s absolutely doing portion control – he has to reach for the basket so clearly unsatisfied, also you have the forbidden fruit aspect (note grapes in the lap)

Sheep symbolize male virility and power (according to the Wiki entry). And while we can’t tell the sex of the sheep, it is next to her, not him. Which could imply that she is controlling his power as a male. I think he feeding him adds to it since he’s lower in the composition. Just fun to consider…

My vote is female dominance.

I would enjoy feeding my pet in the same manner, though he’d know better than to try to reach for the food. Her manner seems smug, while he seems…unsatisfied (reaching for more grapes).

definitely portion control.

she looks down on him almost dispassionately as she doles out the grapes, observing his frustration. he begs with his eyes. she is not unaware of the position of his left hand and knows that what he really wants is not the grape but her nipple.

she takes her time. there is no hurry. she owns him and knows he will never leave her feet. like the sheep.