For The Long Haul

2014 was an amazing year.

We got married.

Several times a week, sometimes several times a day I’ll look at Sade and say with disbelief, “We’re married!”.

“We are”, she’ll assure me with a smile.

After surgery, these past few months have been the hardest we’ve experienced, more stress and frustration that we ever would have imagined. Sade and I both working harder and longer than we ever have. But we’re playing the long game. There’s purpose to this hard work.

It sucks right now and if you were to tell me the world would end next month I’d be pissed that I spend 2014 working as hard as I did.

But we’re in it for the long haul and things are looking better.

My recovery from surgery improves bit by bit, slower and slower. Last week I was able to kneel to the floor and help Sade out of her shoes for the first time in months and it felt so good.

Bit by bit

And we’re married now. She married me and I’m still blown away by it all. Despite all of my faults she’s willing to be with me.

For the long haul.