Sade’s Quote Of The Night #4319

“I wonder where I can buy cheap rubber nipples in bulk”

The First Date

This week marks the anniversary of the first “vanilla date” Sade and I went on.

I had been serving her both sexually and non for a few weeks at that point.  Doing chores and enthusiastically going down on her several times a day when she told me we were going to go on a vanilla date. 

There would be no D/s, no kink, just a girl and a boy going out on a first date.  

She said she wanted to know me as a person and not just as a sex toy.  She wanted to know if there was something more between us than just kink and sex.

I was thrilled by the idea.  Not specifically the part about wanting to see the vanilla me but just the fact that she was thinking of something more.  By that time I had resigned myself to the idea that I wasn’t going to find anyone for anything more than causal play.

Dinner and a movie, that’s what she wanted.

I had to remind myself not to say “Yes Ma’am” and internally debated what would cross the line from being gentlemanly to obviously in the servant mode.  I wanted to show her I could do it, that I could do more than just her bidding, that I could relate to her, engage with her and connect with her conversationally.  Basically I had to somehow find a way to charm her. pressure.

When I look back now I wonder what the hell I was thinking.  I had picked a nice french bistro. A perfect choice if I do say so myself but for the movie we ended up going to Inglorious Bastards.  Inglorious bastards?  What a terrible pick.  It not romantic, not a classic comedy and it’s a World War II movie.

Rule one of first-date movies..ok rule one of anything for a first date, is to avoid things that may make your date think of Hitler.

In between dinner and the movie I took her geocaching.  Yeah geocaching.  The only thing nerdier I could have done would be to take her to a javascript lecture.

But she liked the geocaching.  She liked the movie too or at least she liked going to the movie with me.

Afterwards we walked along the river.  I kept wondering if I was doing well or not, if I had passed the test. If she was going to  elevate me to more than a casual thing.  I remember near the end asking if I was doing well.  She replied in a way that kept me guessing, she always loves to keep me guessing.

I still get butterflies when I think of that first date.

I still get butterflies when I come home from work and she’s there smiling at me when I open the door.