A New Podcast And Congratulations!

A new Masocast is up with an interview featureing Sascha talking about different kinds of non-monogamy, advice for men who email her, merging her halves and more.

As always, you’re suggestions, donations, comments and voicemails are really appreciated.

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On another note:

Ever since people started finding out about our relationship, something has been happening over and over and over again that has become a bit of a joke between she and I.

People are congratulating me.

Over and over. Via email, in person, on the phone, text messages, facebook, twitter. I’m getting congratulated.

Not her. Just me.

Recently someone was standing in front of both of us and I was congratulated. Again, not her, just me.

Maybe they know what she’s getting into and don’t wish THAT on anyone.

Or maybe they know how much I’ve bitched and moaned as I looked for her.

Either way, it’s our latest running joke.


Well, congratulations on being congratulated!
(I´ve resisted the temptation to congratulate before, but this is too much for me…)
Anyway, I guess it´s normal for people who only know your blog, you know, and the bitching part might have something to do with it as well. It´s like, writing about your feelings makes people sympathise with you, and when the happy end (or beginning) unexpectedly arrives, they feel so happy they need to share it.
It´s a bit surprising when the said people actually know and meet both of you. But now you´ve made me realize that it´s always my husband and never me who gets congratulated on being together… In which case, you might have a point with not wishing that on anyone 🙂

I congratulate you because I know how long and hard you looked for this. You earned it.

She, on the other hand, she’s just lucky.

I dont know her name,but I’ll offer my congrats to her.only because finding a great boy is like a needle in a haystack.You need to get “pricked”alot
she’s got a great boy