150 episodes of the Masocast…with some news

I mentioned this on the latest episode of the podcast, for the next few months I’m going to be re-releaseing older episodes of the Masocast instead of putting out new episodes.

I really hate having to do this but with the day job, the freelance work and the Masocast I’ve been getting between 3.5 and 5 hours of sleep every night for months and I just need one less thing so I can catch up with everything.

There’s also a good chance I’ll be getting surgery in the next couple of months so that means I need to push harder than usual to wrap up a few projects so I can focus on recovery for a month (yeah..fun..right?).

Oddly the latest episode I just released is epiosde #150.  On hundred and fifty episodes, posting just about every other week for years.  It’s gone by so fast and changed so much from that first episode.

I actually feel really bad for putting new episodes on pause but thankfully there are others out there putting out some great kink podcasts so it’s not like kink podcast seekers will go without.

Again I want to stress that this isn’t the end.  In fact I’ll be recording a few epsidoes over the next couple of months so I can hit the ground running when I start up the new shows again.


Axe, I for one am fully in favour of your getting enough sleep! Admittedly I follow your blog rather than podcasts but it’s good to know. Best of luck!

First, as a newlywed, their is only one good excuse for exhaustion – hint it is not doing a podcast. Save your energy for better things.

I love the older podcasts, especially one in central park.

Get as rested as you can. If you need surgery choose the surgeon with care.

Best always.

I will miss your podcast in the hiatus but you need to take care of yourself.

My best for a healthy rapid recovery.

Thanks for the support everyone