“Want My Slave To Go Down On You?”

Early in our relationship it seemed Sade was offering my oral services to women left and right.

Once at a the end of a party a domme friend expressed feeling frustrated.

“Want him to eat you out? He’s really good”

I just stood there stupefied slightly turned on at the thought and slightly nervous that I wouldn’t live up to the hype.

Sade’s friend was surprised at the offer, thought about it for a moment then declined. Instead Sade had me give her a massage.
Not long later Sade offered oral from me to yet another friend who was also slightly shocked, pondered and declined.

“You sure? I think it’ll help you”. She was sure to only offer friends who were single and in need.

This happened a few times more, Sade just offering up my mouth only to be surprised that she didn’t have any takers.

Eventually she stopped offering at all but she still expresses shock when she remembers there were no takers.