She’s been out of town for the last two days.


It’s actually the longest we’ve been apart since very early on in the relationship.

The silly part is, if someone where to come up to me and say they were away from their better half for two days and they’ve been aching for them, I’d probably say “Jeez, relax, it’s just a couple of days away, you’ll survive.”

Somehow it’s different when I’m the one aching.

I’ve spend the last two nights working on a few projects around the apartment.  I’ve managed to work though most of them.  It’s been a nice way to feel connected to her while she’s been away.  Doing service for her when she’s not here is a nice.

It’s very common for my mind to wander at work, I’ll daydream about something we’ve done or might do and I’ll find it impossible for me to leave my desk until I’m no longer turned on.    The last thing I want is to get fired due to a visible hard-on bulging through my pants so I just sit and wait for it to go away.

I sent her a text telling her how hard I was for her and she wanted me to go to the bathroom, take a photo of my (actually it belongs to her) cock and send it to her.   I managed to hide my state of arousal by putting my hand in my front pocket and holding my erection to the front of my leg as I walked to the bathroom while trying to act casually.

When I made it in I noticed two coworkers standing at the urinal chatting it up.   I made it to one of the stalls and waited for them to leave.   Seconds later they do and I was about to bring my cock and phone out to snap a photo when someone else walked in and I put them both away.   As my coworker walked by the stall he started talking to me.

How the hell did he know it was me?  He must have look in between the gaps in between the door and the wall and saw it was me.   Who the fuck does that”?

Side note:  Why do some guys talk in the bathroom?  I have a few coworkers who do this.  I can understand if we’re at a bar and we’ve had a few drinks and you’re making a passing joke or something but we’re at work.  I’m only in the same building as you because we’re paid to be in the same building.  One guy at work was so bad at it I finally told him “Look, if you ever see me in a situation where my dick is outside my pants, don’t talk to me”.   I figure this will also cover any situations in the future if this guy ever shows up to a sex party we’re at.

Anyway where was I?  Oh yeah, so as it turns out there’s no bigger erection killer than talking about computer networking hardware with a coworker while you’re in the bathroom…or anywhere for that matter.  Plus there are gaps in the construction of the stalls in the men’s room, if someone wanted to they could have easily spotted me pointing my phone’s camera down at my junk

I felt bad for not being able to send Sade the photo she requested but the next day I found myself daydreaming about our exploits together and moments later found myself in an empty bathroom.   I felt embarrassed even though she was the only one who’d see it (as far as I know, she’ll take photos of me now and then and shared the ones she likes most with her friends).   I pulled myself out of my jeans, aimed my phone at it, clicked an image of it and zipped back up.

Click and Send

She was pleased.




Wow… new reader, but what a start! I know the spooky scene with guys in bathrooms. I’ve only had to wear panties, but whoa..what a mind rush!


Maybe he saw your shoes underneath the stall and recognized them as yours?

I’ll sort of look in between the cracks in the bathroom at work, but it’s just to see if there’s anyone there and I absolutely do not want to see details. I look quickly, if I see anything, I go to the next stall. I just see a shape or shadow, really. And I certainly do not want to strike a conversation (yet some people do).

sade is a lucky girl 🙂
and what is it with those gaps!? i’m from the UK and it was quite a shock when I first visited the US! seriously, is there a reason for it?

It reminds back then when I had a one night stand by a stranger and then he used a penis extensions when we had sex. 😀