Should I Throw Away My Leather Pants?

After reading this post I’m a bit nervous to ever wear my leather pants again.

I never would have bought them in the first place but two of my dominant friends told me I’d look good in them and it would look better than my usual T-shirt and jeans selection when going to events.

I was told that The Leatherman was the place to go so my two friends and I found ourselves there one afternoon and took a look.

The staff was friendly and helpful but when I found a pair that I was interested I took one look at the pricetag and almost crapped myself.


I left without buying anything.

Two months later I was invited to go to a private party where fetishwear was expected. I debated not going at all since I had none but when I learned there would be two single dominant women at the party I quickly ran back to Leatherman, got fitted for a pair and put it on my ever-expanding credit card.

I called one of my friends back and told her I had bought a pair, that they were being altered for me at that very moment.

She panicked and asked “Did they help you pick them out? Did they put you in a pair for a boy or for a Daddy?”


Her- “A boy or a Daddy, what kind did you get?”

Me- “I have no clue what you’e talking about.”

Her- “Well are they really tight or are they loose and boxy?”

Her- “Whew…that’s good, they dressed you like a boy”

I’m still a bit confused over that conversation but I suppose it makes sense.

Since then I’ve warn them a number of times and have had a number of compliments on them, but now after reading that above post I’m wondering if those compliments were just because they felt bad for me. You know when you see someone wearing something that they might feel uncomfortable in and they may be wearing something that just doesn’t look right on them but you give them a compliment anyway to make them feel better? Maybe that’s what everyone is doing when they see me wearing mine.

Then again I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious about my body lately. I really need to start working out. I’m way too skinny. I’ve been doing a bit more than normal as of late but think I should just join a gym and get serious about it.

So the question is:

Keep the leather or throw it away?


Obviously, there’s only one solution. You’re going to have to take a photo of yourself in these pants – make sure you capture your butt – and post it here so we can judge properly πŸ˜‰

No, but seriously, I think leather pants are super extra hot. I think lots of people do. Others don’t, or find them silly, or whatever.

Since then I’ve warn them a number of times and have had a number of compliments on them

Freudian slip? (Emphasis added.)

Of course you should show us! Just to check and be sure they’re hot, you know. Leather is a good choice, and naked is the next best alternative if you ask me.

Dev- I’m so paranoid that I look silly in them I just might post a photo or two.

Maymay- Yeah…damn me and my drunken posts.

MsS&S- Again….tempting.

Some men do look fantastic in them… and I don’t know how it is in New York, but where I live, I think most people don’t bother to make compliments if they don’t actually mean them. πŸ™‚

But if you’re worried about it, maybe you should find scenewear that you’re more comfortable in. I’ve found I have a much harder time getting into scene mentally if I’m uncomfortable or worried about how I look.

1. I’d like to see a photo, but just for gratuitous reasons.

2. You don’t get rid of leather. Especially custom leather.

3. It’s not about what you wear. It’s the attitude you portray.

If you like wearing them, and choose to wear them, that’s absolutely your call and your right. And as an in when ‘fetish-wear’ is required. But at $400 I sure as hell wouldn’t throw them away!

xx Dee

I just wanted to say I’m all on board for the photo idea. Seriously though, while I waver back and forth on fetish wear, sometimes it’s nice to have and throwing away perfectly good leather is a sin against our kinky ancestors who walked up hill both ways in knee deep snow to slaughter their own cows.

Of course you can’t throw them away if they cost $400! Goodness me!

If you’ve been told you look good in them, then you probably do. I’d wait at least until you have something else suitably fetishy and flattering to hand. You don’t want to be caught out with nothing to wear again! (Incidentally, I think it can be very difficult to change your body type without being incredibly obsessive, and some women do prefer skinny men).

It is a bit daft to wonder whether you look good in leather trousers as if there would be one right answer to the question.

For some you do. For some you do not.

If you are prepared to let others dictate what you wear, you should at least weigh whose opinion you should listen to.

The opinion of somebody who dishes out “the respect of the general public” and judges all men wearing leather pants – not just the ones she has seen – is probably not one of them.

Be a man and leave your name the next time you piss and moan on my blog.

There’s a good little boy.

Sorry — that wasnt to you, it’s to Jonah, who left anon comments on my blog. I can’t stand whingers who hide.

I accidentally posted the comment before I was done!

I agree with the others.. show us a pic. You might look fab in them. πŸ˜‰

Aww, I suspect they look cute. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the ones she originally posted.

Fetishy clothes will always look silly to some people. I’m sure everyone is different. For me, leather shorts thumbs up, but there was a pair of pvc+fishnet underpants an ex had that gave me the giggles… yet I’m sure someone out there found them super hot.

So you’ll just have to post pictures πŸ™‚

I personally really like both men and women in leather pants. I like how leather smells. I like how leather feels. I like how leather tastes. I always end up wanting to crawl into the laps of people in leather and bite them.

I vote pictures! (And not to get rid of them, but a cute guy in leather pants on my google reader page is never a bad thing)

1)You so should wear them so we can see. And photos. And with the wearing them. πŸ™‚ In fact, its my birthday this week. You should wear them to Miss V’s. That’d be hot.

2) No such thing as too skinny. But then again, we all know what kind of boys I like

3) I make a point of complimenting men when I think they look good. A gentlemen friend came over in (Skin tight) red leather pants, and boy howdy did I tell him how good he looked. Guh. Same goes for any boy who looks extra nice in whatever he’s wearing. I’d bed that if you got complimented on your pants, people are telling you the truth.

3)400$?! YOU NEVER THROW AWAY CLOTHING THAT EXPENSIVE! I own a 300$ corset. I don’t wear it much. But damnit, it cost 300$. Its staying in my drawer. Same goes for my goth gowns that I paid quite a pretty penny for. The only reason I ever let go of anything that pricey is coz I was young and stupid, and now no longer own Doc Martins. (I so need a pair of those again…*sigh*)

5)Anyway, it all comes down to how you *feel* wearing what you wear. I used to wear velvet gowns every day to school. I thought I looked damn good. Some people agreed, and some people thought it was silly. But all that mattered was that *I* felt good, and *I* felt sexy, because they were going on *my* body. If you don’t feel sexy wearing your pants, then you shouldn’t wear them. But don’t let other people tell you that you shouldn’t wear them because they don’t like them, because they don’t matter.

How about leather pants and a clean apron the next time you render me some service? ;-D

Miss V, I like the way you think. You know, I have a green starbucks apron somewhere that would look nice with black leather.

Ok, so I’m on board for the photo being the final say, but I’ll say this…

Wendy is TOALLY right.

If you’re doubting it then you should not wear them (if they cost $400 keep them in case you change your mind). When it comes to these types of things it’s not so much about how the person in them looks as much as it is about the confidence the person has in them. Even if you look great in them, if you doubt it and are uncomfortable you’re not gonna look as great as you should. If you put them on and feel great and know that they are going to attract the dominant woman you want then fuck what other people think because that woman is gonna love them. But if you’re uncomfortable in them she’ll think you look like a foolish boy too.

I third the vote that you wear them to the tea. I think leather in general is very hot.

We’ll see how the pants fit.

Thank you all for the feedback. I guess the proof will be in the pudding.