Sade’s Best Birthday Gift Ever

Sade’s birthday was last week and I’m happy to say she’s now the proud owner of what she says is her best birthday gift ever.

A suspension system.

She wanted one that would be wide enough to fit over our bed and also tall enough to string me up with my arms over my head and one that would break down into a small enough space to stash away in our apartment and ended up getting this one.

At first it felt like this was like getting her a gift for myself, it felt like a dick-move. As though I was saying “Here’s a gift certificate to give me a blow job. Happy Birthday”. But it turns out it’s not like that at all.

She loves it.

I love how much she loves it and it turns me on when she talks to her friends about how much she loves using me in it.

We’ve only had it for a short while and even though she’s used it a number of times we haven’t even cracked one percentage of the things we can do in it.

So far most of what we’ve done has involved beating and a ton of teasing since she’s still on a mission to make me orgasm without permission.

The possibilities are endless and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get her/us some suspension leather cuffs for christmas.


Hi Axe:

First off “Happy Birthday to Sade!” Second I think your gift is awesome. I can see why you might have felt it was for you but really it’s more like one of those gifts that benefits the couple and the relationship as a whole. For a vanilla couple that might be buying a big flat screen TV for the bedroom. But really a suspension system is way way cooler.

Ah! Definitely a wonderful gift. I’m sure she will be appreciating your gift for years to come! Certainly one of my passions, so I can relate to her enthusiasm. I’d love to get a gift like that (if I didn’t already have a hard point in the bedroom… that was a gift to me from my husband!)

Well, that’s the gift the keeps on giving! And belated happy birthday, Sade!

now there’s a present to unite a couple. (I’ll keep the link 🙂 Happy birthday celebrations!