Holy Crap, I’m Gay??

This is crazy.   I had no clue I was gay until I conversed with a woman recently who suggested I was into guys because I like the idea of a woman with a strap-on.    

Then, a reader sent me a link to this video (fast forward to 2:20)

Anna David does try to say that it only matters who you kiss but then says it’s “on the line” (of making me gay??) and that most women would be freaked out by it.

Based on this logic, any lesbian who likes strap-on play with her female partner is really heterosexual.  

And to think that I’ve been fooling myself by looking at images like this and thinking I was heterosexual all this time.


And by that logic, I also want to be a man.

Cuz I love hanging out in and fucking with my strap-on so much.

You be whoever you want to be and get fucked however you want to get fucked.

Be yourself.

And let your prostate say, from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, in the words of your prostate ancestors: YES I CAN (enhance your orgasm).

Somebody should refer those criminally uninformed and judgmental women to my prostate resource.

Touting themselves as sex experts? Please.

Oh, and by the way, by their logic, my enjoyment of wearing my strapon harness made from leather probably makes me a gay cow.

If I liked a rubber harness, I’d probably be a gay tree.

As for PVC? That’d probably make me a gay petrochemical, right?

Please insert unflattering epithets here.

I’m rolling my eyes here.

Of course you’re gay. That chick with the orange dildo is obviously a dude.

Huh, all this time I’ve been fucking with my strap-on, I’m truly a gay male in disguise? Who knew?

Apparently a gay male with a blue, insertable strap-on. Does this make me a heterosexual/homosexual transgendered person?

Just goes to show you, Axe, that ignorance is not a limited commodity!

I do enjoy and appreciate your sarcasm and have missed it!

I feel more bad for the guy who’s now not gonna get it in the ass or his girlfriend who might enjoy that then for the idiocy spouted here. I bet she also only lets a guy fuck her missionary .

I think she must get her sex guru information from “Abstinence For The Religiously Shameful” or some such thing.

Uh, yeah. That’s just a stupid show.

Rush Limbaugh once said you don’t have to worry about getting AIDS if you stay away from gays and junkies. I don’t think he was right about that either.

*giggles madly* What utter bullshit. I have trouble even getting annoyed by the ignorance because it’s just so ridiculous.

Guess I’m simultaneously a gay man, straight man, and straight woman, all at once! Wow!

Also, these women. In this video.

Emotionally retarded.

Thank you.

I once shared my entire porn collection with a friend of mine who said, “This stuff is hot. Once you get past the fact that everyone—and I do mean everyone—has a penis.”

Oh my god, the sad thing is that G4TV used to be Tech TV, which was actually a really good channel! God damn this whole G4TV crap. I hate them even more now.

Hate to tell you this bro, but there is a simpley mathmatical formula:

(guy likes strap – on) = (guy would like to be gay )

Sorry, but you can’t argue with science.

This explains so much! If I am really a gay man, it all falls into place: My career, My dress-sense, My hobbies, the births…

Coincidentally, a very insightful gentleman informed me that I am “a lesbo” today, because I was uninterested in his penis. Just when you think you’ve got this whole sex thing figured out…

How can you be a sex expert if you’re weirded out by something as mundane as anal? I mean, you don’t have to LIKE it yourself… but I think you should be able to be objective about it.

Louie Monkey_Pest: that is not a mathematical formula. that is some lame thing you made up. good try.

Sorry Janie; You can’t argue with science. Socrates tried the same thing and look what happen to him.

@Louie Monkey_Pest – What, you mean becoming the founder of one of the more interesting branches of philosophy? Yeah, that really sucks.

True dat, except for the part about having to drink hemlock poison.

Wow, it’s like the, ya know, totally high school sexy talk with Bubbles and Toodles!

Now I am totally confused, what does it make me that I like to fuck a man dressed as a woman. Does it make me a heterosexual man or a lesbian ?

Now I am totally confused, what does it make me that I like to fuck a man dressed as a woman. Does it make me a heterosexual man or a lesbian ?

This should be totally obvious. It makes you awesome.