A friend sent this to me earlier today.  I can’t help but think..ok hope that this is fake but yet another part of me thinks it’s something that was once left on the cutting room floor of some GOP thinktank.

On a related note. Do you think Jesus is pissed that Satan gets all the hot ones?



… oh my.

What on earth is that fight scene going on in the background? There is a man grabbing a struggling woman’s wrists, right? Don’t tell me that’s supposed to be a woman who’s asking for it?

I’m surprised to find that I’m kind of [cough] into this poster. I hope it’s because I like being objectified. I sure hope I’m not into Satan.

    You may not be into Satan, but Satan’s probably into you..especially if you’re on birth control it seems.


      Birth control is amazing. It made me stop wanting sex. (Sorry Satan!) Not an uncommon effect, apparently. I didn’t get back to normal for about two years after I quit. To think of all the fun I could have been having in my twenties …

The woman looks like Gina Lollobrigida and one of the men looks like Dennis Hopper and the whole thing look like a spoof Poster.

And I also think that Jesus is playing the long game – after all he’s got eternity.

*blink, blink*


…you are right, Satan does get the hot girls. He’s less judgey and a whole lot more fun!