Everyone Else Disappears

I’m writing this just moments after getting a good solid beating so bear that in mind.

There is a point when you are playing at a public party, a point where the world shifts and reality changes.  At first it’s a very small shift but then it widens to envelope everyone in the room but Sade and I.  It muffles them and makes them blurry while Sade becomes clearer to me.  Then there’s a different point. It’s just a little bit further but it’s where everyone in the room disappears.    A point where everyone else just fades away and Sade becomes the only person in the room.

Just another moment layer and that spot becomes bigger and she’s not just the only person in the room bit the only person in the universe.

For a moment it’s just us and there’s nothing better than that feeling.  For a moment there’s no work, no bills to pay or family members to worry about, politics to think about or anything in the universe but her.

It’s peaceful.

I’m sure anyone watching would disagree but it’s one of the few times when my mind isn’t thinking about anything. I don’t need to worry about waking the neighbors with my screams and she doesn’t need to bother them with loud cracks slaps and thuds.

It’s so peaceful, this place with her where there’s noting but us.


Love this post and so know what you are speaking of. It is bliss.

Been there more than a few times and you are right it’s a wonderful place to be.

I’ve also had a similar experience of looking over my shoulder at what was going on and that was a wonderful sensation.

You captured this kind of moment very well. This is our favorite thing too.

While we’re known for our more wild scenes, the quieter ones are always better because we only have to worry about each other and not everyone else in the room. We can let everything else melt away.