Do what you love…unless you live in reality.

At my day job I was recently asked what I want to be doing a year from now.

My mind quickly flashed to what I really wish I could do for a living. 

Interview people.  If I had my way I’d do the Masocast and one other podcast ( a non-kinky podcast, I already know exactly what it would be).  I love talking to and interviewing people.  If I could, thats how how I’d pay the bills.

If I couldn’t do that I’d build websites for people.  In fact that’s what I do for my 2nd job right now.  Every day I get home  I start the 2nd job building websites.  I can’t do it full time however, not right now anyway. 

You know what I’d never want to do for a living?  What I’m doing for a living right now.  My day job is just there because it pays more than unemployment and has health insurance  Very very shitty health insurance but health insurance none the less.  

That’s what I thought of when my boss asked me what I’d like to be doing a year from now.  But I couldn’t say choice number one, and I couldn’t say choice number two.  What did I say?

“I’d love to have one job”.

That’s what it’s come down to.   I’d just love to have one job and only need one job.  Even if it was the job I didn’t like I wish I could just do the job I didn’t like, come home and then not do any work..just be with the person I love more than anything in the world and not work.  

I told him this because it was a shot at the fact that nobody at my day job has had a raise in over 5 years.  There’s nothing he can do about it though, it’s not up to him, nor is it up to his boss or his bosses boss.  It’s up to some assahat at our parent company who probably doesn’t even know what our company does.

It’s easy to forget when you live in NYC that most people in the world don’t do a job they love.  They do a job they tolerate or hate and that’s if they’re lucky enough to have a job.

My father will work a job he doesn’t like until the day he dies.   Speaking from an evolutionary point of view as long as I can somehow retire before death I’ll be doing better.

Don’t get me wrong I still daydream of doing the Masocast for a living.  Can you imagine?  Having fun conversations with kinky smart people and getting paid for it?   Oh the things I’d do, the people I’d interview. The places we’d go!

There’s an alternate universe where that’s possible.  It’s just not this one.

You know I had a point when I started writing this.  It’s escaping me now.  Huh. 

Anyway my hopes is that it’ll hit me someday, how to do the podcast for a living, I hope it hits me while it’s still possible and not on my deathbed.  Can you imagine?  The way to do it hits me and my last thought is “Fuck, I could have done it after all”.  Yeah If it doesn’t hit me while it’s possible I hope it never hits me.

Anyway I gotta get back to work.


“Its easy to forget when you live in NYC etcetc” Does that mean that people who live in NYC ARE happy in their jobs. Sorry , I don’t understand that.

Anyway I did the job you crave for …for a while. I interviewed 600 people over a nine month period. For promotion in their jobs.
The day before the interview I would 1. Read the application and CV 2 Make a note of any anomalies or interesting facts in the CVs 3 Put together questions I thought might challenge the applicant .
On the day itself 1. Try to relax them 2 Ask the question/follow the answer/think ahead/make notes.. At the end of the day I would do a write-up explaining my decision (longer for those who were unsuccessful). My decision meant a rise in pay for the winners. It could be life changing.

It wasn’t fun

Hey Steve,

It just seems there are more people in NYC who are happy in their jobs, perhaps it’s just my circle of friends.

Ah yes…that’s the bad kind of interviewing.

I understand. I’ve been going on job interviews and I get asked that question every time.

I’ve had 2 (or more) jobs for years now.

We just moved, and I already have two jobs.

Whatever jobs it is, I just want to come home and be DONE. Not have MORE work to do. It’d be nice if I came home from a job I loved, but there ARE days that you just want… enough. Time for yourself and your love.