A Craigslist Response!

After writing more than a few hundred replies, I finally have my first real response to an email I sent to a dominant woman:

“My post has already yielded someone that I think has great potential so I’m not looking anymore. I wanted to reply simply because you spent the time and wrote a genuine response. I wish you good luck in finding the right person for you.”

That’s pretty damn good!

It’s nice to know that:

A: Some of the ads are from real people and not all spam.

B: I write emails that at least warrant a courteous response.

C: There are people out there that appreciate it.


not only that, if what she is doing doesn’t work out, as things often don’t, maybe she will contact you! i can’t tell you how many guys i have blown off with that excuse, only to call them later when i was single again.

I’m a unicorn in more than one ways: a dominant woman, a bisexual woman who actually enjoys MFF threesomes, and a woman who has used Craigslist to find dates. I’ve dated women and men on Craigslist, and–yes, I admit it–have partaken on of the fast-food Casual Encounters section.

While it’s a tremendous ego boost to get, on average, 60 messages within the first four hours of posting a Casual Encounters ad, it very quickly becomes depressing to discover how many out there seem to think that a terse, badly written email and a photo of their manjunk is going to get them a hott datte from Teh Intarwebs.

My experience looking for houseboys has been even WORSE. Ads written by men looking for naughty girls to spank abound in all areas of Craigslist. But mine have a tendency to get flagged off within 48 hours, tops. And the responses! The first time I posted, at least 5 men emailed me to suggest that instead of coming over to my house for service and a beating, I should come to THEIR house, wash THEIR dishes, and then blow them. Right. Really fucking original, buddy. And I’m sure that a badly written email to a woman you’ve never met is going to get her to completely change her kinks. Add a greenish-tinted photo of your misshapen cock and you’re in like Flynn.

So I guess my point is that while I may not feel your pain myself, I have a great deal of compassion for your situation. I’ve heard the story from other men before. And I know that it is infinitely better to be a woman on Craigslist, especially a woman looking for a man. But the grass, ultimately, is probably the same color. It’s possible to find true gems on Craigslist. You just have to dig through a lot of dirt first.

correction – HAD a lucky tongue. sadly, that talented mouth also spoke and ruined it.

have you tried putting up an ad? thats the best way to get responses.

I’ll second that about CL. You gotta sort through the wannabe’s and think-they-are’s to find what you really want. But.. again.. some of the best folks I’ve ever met are from there. I agree also about posting an add. It took Me a long time to post, I simply read what other’s wrote before and in the end, it was My ad and Paladin’s response that brought it all together for us.
So take it in your own hands and see what pearls the cyber sea may wash upon your shores.

BTW.. I added you to our blog list. (smiles) I like the way you think and write.

Best to you,

Downtown- Thanks, you may be right.

Omnivore- Wow, a real live unicorn!:)

Pitseleh and Mystress-

I’ve written maybe a hundred or so ads over the past two years of varying styles, looking for a variety of things on CL. It’s more practice for my writing than anything else.
I’ve yet to get a response from a dominant woman.

I’ve responded to scores of personals on CL over the past couple of years; I’d say the rate of response to my e-mails is about one in fifty. Which begs the question: How many are legit? I know women who post with an interest in submissive men are often flooded with responses; yet I’m always frustrated that the thoughtfully written e-mails by me often go unreturned.


I had no idea it was that difficult to get thoughtful responses as a submissive man. I hope that response is a good sign of things changing for you.