My Hangup

Sade has been entertaining the idea of having another submissive over from time to time for service.

My 2nd job takes up so much of my time and the thought is that getting a service submissive to help pick up some of the slack would make things a bit easier.

The biggest issue is my hangup with not being comfortable with another male submissive in the house serving her. A female submissive is another story in my mind, it’s weird and it’s a hangup I really wish I didn’t have.

It’s similar to how I feel about anything sexual between Sade and I and another person. A female submissive has things that I can’t offer and I have things a female sub can’t offer. I wouldn’t feel the same type of jealousy or competition or worry if there was a female submissive here.

We’ve actually had a female sub over for service once and I was much more comfortable than I had imagined I would be. She only came over to our place once and that was it but I worried about it the days leading up to it and when it happened I was only slightly uncomfortable and didn’t feel like I was in competition or anything….super casual.

The problem is, I know it would be easier for Sade to find a submissive guy than finding a submissive woman. It’s just my hang-ups and worry that keeps it limited to a female sub. I hate myself for feeling that way but there it is and Sade respects that even though it makes things harder for her.

I know right now someone is thinking “Well if you really wanted to please her you’d be fine with a submissive guy coming over”. I know, right? This is what I tell myself over and over. I’m standing in the way something being easier for her. Trust me, those words pop into my head every time the subject comes up and it makes me angry at myself.

So I don’t know. It’s not like Sade is actively looking for anyone for the position. If a female came up to her she’d probably entertain the idea if she was a fit. She’s mentioned that if we did have a submissive here then I’d be the “Alpha sub”. I don’t know exactly how that would look but it sounds like she’d have me help delegate things.

I think about it often and it comes out the same way:

Idea of a female sub servicing Sade = “Not a threat and could be fun?”
Idea of a male sub serving Sade = “Who’s that creepy asshat make him go the fuck away”

The Secret History Of Wonder Woman

Fresh Air had a great interview on the history of Wonder Woman. Some of it I knew from reading up on the creator but there’s quite a few that I had no clue about.

Take a listen below

TES Fest Here We Come

For the first time in years Sade and I are headed to to an overnight kink event. TES Fest, a kinky shindig over the fourth of July weekend at a hotel in Jersey.

I know what you’re thinking…Jersey? Well thankfully all the action takes place in a hotel that’s filled with nothing but kinky people No need to hide the kink, no need to worry about what the neighbors might think as you leave the apartment covered in leather and a Richard Nixon mask (hey don’t judge me).

Sade is giving a presentation on how to rock it while wearing a strap-on, I’ll be doing interviews for the podcast in our hotel room and we plan on making a lot of new friends.

Above all l’m looking forward to being able to stay in D/s mode with Sade for a whole weekend without any interruptions.

We even recorded a mini-episode to get ourselves warmed up for it.

The Future Is Here! 3D Scanned Penis Replicas

Years ago Sade and I…ok Sade tried to replicate my cock by using one of those cast molds that you mix up, get hard and plunge yourself into the molding, do the opposite of thinking about baseball for what felt like an eternity and when we were done we didn’t have a replica of my penis, we had what looked like a plastic model of the space shuttle that had been sitting a little too close to the campfire.

Well my friends the future is here. No longer will you or your partner need to rush to coordinate erections with a failed chemistry set. No more messy cleanup because you thrust yourself into the canister a little too fast. No more worrying you’ll lose your erection because there’s a joke photo of a clown on the fridge and you’re doing this in the kitchen because it’s easier to clean up the above mess.

I’ve mentioned my friends at New York Toy Collective before. They make amazing dildos of various kinds, lovingly crafted right here in NYC and now they’re doing 3D penis scan and replicas with their project Rival Mi.

This isn’t anything new for them, they’ve been doing it for quite a while but now they’ve got even newer scanning equipment.

If you want to learn more just head over to the website, you can find out how they used 3D penis scanning to help someone in need by checkout out the video below.

Note: The tech used to scan is even more modern now than in the video, it doesn’t require anyone else to run the scanner, it’s just you  (a friend can join you in the room if you could use some company/support/inspiration/helping hand)

Porn For Women on the latest Masocast

sophieSophie Delancey sat down with me on the latest episode of the podcast.  In it we talk about her role as a porn creator and VP of  a couple of porn sites including The Art Of Blowjob and The Art Of Cunnilingus.  We talk porn for women, the kink scene in Toronto, her experiences in the scene, sex parties, porn for women a a whole lot more.  You can find her on twitter here.