sex while sleeping

On the subject of sleep-fucking

CurvaceousDee asked a question in the comments recently:

 A question for you both, though. When it comes to sleep fucking, was it something the two of you discussed beforehand, or did your relationship simply evolve that way? It’s something I’m quite interested in, and have had quite a few conversations with m’Lady about – it’s something zie seems reluctant to do without explicit consent from me beforehand, which is why I ask.

I don’t think we’ve ever actually talked about it. I remember the first night it did happen. I woke up and
there she was riding me. I’m pretty sure I was awake enough to eventually “fuck back” but it became so frequent that there are times when I’m totally unaware of it. I’m told I’ll instinctively thrust my hips in time with her riding to help her get off but that will be all I’m aware of.

We didn’t have a “consent talk” about it. It never even dawned on me that she’d even need consent to fuck me. I mean I certainly don’t speak for all males, or all submissive males for that matter, but my consent was given the first day I knew I wanted to have sex with her.

That’s not to say I’d be game for being sleep-fucked by just anyone with a vagina.  I can think of a few people I’ve slept with in the past where waking up to sleep-fucking would probably have been less welcome.  I think it’s just the nature of who she is, who we are, how our sex feels and a bunch of other intangibles.

I asked her why she thinks we never had the consent conversation and her reply was: “The truth is, you’re an owned and operated sex-slave”

So there you go.