“Maybe you should clean yourself out”

I was surprised by this since she said our play today would be focused on electrical play and bondage.

“I’m not going to go crazy on your ass, I’ll just drive you crazy, just one finger and something gentle to tease you”.

I’m very self conscious about being clean “down there” and cleaning myself out helps me relax but also makes me nervous even after all the play we’ve had. Since she emphasized “gentle’ I wasn’t nervous about any anal play but that didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous about the electrical play, something we’ve done very very little of.

A quick cleaning later and soon I was on the bed, arms tied wide and my legs tied spread and up in the air. We had taken our portable suspension system and set it up over the bed. Our dream is to someday have a proper bondage bed but for now this does the trick.

While I love bondage in general, there’s something extra that’s added when she has my arms and legs are stretched wide apart. It’s partially vulnerability, being exposed and based on the looks in her eyes she feels the same.

She teased me for a while, making me squirm. She seemed to get a burst of inspiration, ran out of the room and came back to tie a shoelace around my balls, pulling them down. The fact that I was in bondage alone was enough to turn me on but combined with the teasing and a constant pull just made me ache even more.

Soon she wrapped my dick in two wires that connected to the electro unit.

“Lets see how this feels..”

I wasn’t sure if she had pleasure or torture in mind but it became pretty clear she meant both.

It felt like an invisible devices was stroking me wave after wave. And unlike, say sex, or a jerking off, there’s no down stroke, it’s stroking in one direction over and over and over again with metronome timing, relentless. It feels so odd and so amazing but still feels like there’s just something missing that would keep me just on the edge preventing me from going over. Most of this stems from a lack of familiarity with the feeling.

I realized soon I had been fucking the air trying to get some friction but…it was air…just air and no friction.

After a few minutes she began teasing me lower and inserting one finger then two. Maybe more?

Looking back now I don’t know what she had in mind but what she did wasn’t something “gentle”. She was soon fucking me with her fingers and I was having the first of several anal orgasms that made the electricity on me even more confusing, it was just too much to process. On top of that she took her hand and started stroking my head just above where the wires are, giving me a third input that was stroking to a different rhythm than the others. I couldn’t concentrate on just one, as soon as I’d notice how one would feel another would grab my attention and make me take notice of that.

If I wasn’t tied I probably would have involuntarily either tried to grab myself to try and stroke myself off or squirmed away from her to try and decrease the number of pleasure inputs I was trying to process.

She announced she was going to go for another one and again her fingers were ripping another orgasm out of me while the electricity hit me over and over with relentlessly precise timing.

I don’t know how many times she made me orgasm from my prostate but eventually she stopped, crawled around to the other side of me and sat on my face. I was such a moaning drunk-on-the-edge-pleasure-mess at this point that my oral skills were probably not their best. I could just suck and moan on her clit with no real pacing but she still seemed to enjoy it.

After who knows how long she told me I could cum and I was so close but just couldn’t get over the edge. I was so lost that I couldn’t even verbalize what could have gotten me there, more power to the electricity? Faster? Slower? I could barely comprehend what was happening much less convey it.

She eventually stopped the electricity and started to stroke me and brought me over the edge. I don’t know how long my orgasm lasted but it felt like forever and when I was done I could just lay there moaning with every deep exhale.

“Turn your head, that’s so hot” and she positioned my head to the side and started masturbating. It took me a few seconds to realize why. I came so hard that I ended up getting some on the side of my face. She came shortly after while looking at me completely spent.

She untied me…..we showered and as I was coming out of it:

“Not going to go crazy on my ass?” I asked her, still drunk and slurring from the intensity.

“But you were so receptive!” She laughed.

The next morning I was still weak from it and could barely walk without feeling like my legs were jello.


Very nice. I’m jealous. E-stim is amazing.

Nice story – I could imagine how it feels!

enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

Yayyy, nice story, so good to see you writing again on here!


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